Friday Harbour

Innisfil, Ontario


Innisfil, Ontario



Project Team

Optus Captiral Corporation;
Condarin Group;
Pemberton Group;
Geranium Corporation


Design Guidance


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In 2002, WAI was retained by Geranium Corporation to act as the Resident Architects to provide ongoing design review for the designs of all buildings and structures within Friday Harbour. WAI’s role as Resident Architect was confirmed by the Town of Innisfil and now forms part of the Site Plan Approval Process. Working alongside of the MBTW Group the Resident Landscape Architects, WAI works on a daily basis with multiple project architects, marina consultants and landscape architects to coordinate the all aspects of the design of Friday Harbour.  Through the privately administered design guidance system WAI is responsible for the overall design coordination and refinements of development concepts through the implementation stages including the review of all materials and colours.

Friday Harbour, is an upscale walkable, all-season waterfront resort community on the shore of Lake Simcoe. The focus of this 239 hectare recreation based community is an environmentally sustainable man-made recreational harbor containing privte residences, a publicly accessible marina, dining facilities and a number of members only private recreational facilities and clubs.  The vibrant upscale Friday Harbour community is structured on the principles of “new urbanism” and sustainable planning promoting a mix of uses and densities with quality architectural design.